Margaret Tibbo

Margaret “Muggs” Tibbo  Muggs has been involved in a number of Parasports over the past 40 years.  As a Recreation Specialist in Pediatric Rehab, encouraging young people with a disability to be active was a big part of her work.  But her commitment went well beyond the Rehab walls.  Working in the community to create opportunities for young people, getting adapted equipment and making sure that instructors/coaches/physical education teachers, community recreation leaders could meet the needs of all participants has been a passion.  She was Manager of the Canadian Para Nordic Ski Team from 1983-1998 as well as a member of Canada Games Mission Staff over the years.  NL has had a strong presence of Para Athletes on the National and International Track and Field scene in the past and helping para athletes whether it be in the School Track Fest, Provincial Games, or Canada Games and beyond is important….and Muggs appreciates the support and commitment Pearlgate Track and Field has to being inclusive.