Meet Information

Becky Sjare Track and Field Classic – Saturday, August 27th

The meet is open to both individual and team entries.
Rules for team competition:
Competitors can form teams of up to 6 people to compete for the overall trophy. The team with the
highest score at the end of the competition wins the trophy.
Points are awarded for placing, with the highest number of points going to first, second most high to
second, etc. all the way to six places.
First: 6 points
Second: 5 points
Third: 4 points
Fourth 3 points
Fifth: 2 points
Sixth: 1 points
Teams can add up the best score of each individual member of the team, but not using the same
event twice. For example, if two members of a team place first and second in the 100m dash, they
can only use one score from the event. If the first place finisher also placed first in high jump, it may
be better to use the first in high jump and the second in the 100m since each team member can only
have a single score included in the tabulation. Teams can be comprised of competitors of any
combination of ages, genders, or events.
Max 3 events/person
Team registration will take place on the morning of the meet.
NOTE: You do NOT need a team to participate.

Register and/or donate here 

9:00 Team Registration
9:30 Opening
10:00 Javelin Male/Female/Para
10:30 Triple Jump Male/Female
10:30 200m Female
10:40 200m Male
11:00 200m Para
11:00 Long Jump Female
11:00 High Jump Male
11:15 Discus Male/Female
11:20 800m Female
11:30 800m Male
11:55 4x100m Relay Female
12:10 4x100m Relay Male
1:00 100m Female
1:10 100m Male
1:20 100m Para
1:10 Hammer Throw Male/Female
1:30 Long Jump Male
1:30 High Jump Female
1:40 Shot Put Male/Female/Para
1:40 1500m Female
1:55 1500m Male
2:10 400m Female
2:20 400m Male
2:40 3000/5000m Female
3:00 3000/5000m Male
Awards and BBQ to follow immediately